Criminal Defense Overview

Marin Criminal Defense Attorney – You Don’t Have to Fight Alone

Skilled Sausalito Criminal Lawyer; Tipping the Scales of Justice in Your Favor

If you are facing criminal charges in Marin County, whether misdemeanor or serious felony, don’t try to fight your charges alone.  With law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office on the other side of your case, it is important that you hire a local experienced Marin criminal defense attorney to fight for you.

As a former Marin County Deputy District Attorney, I, Ryan Albaugh, have the local knowledge and experience necessary to defend you against a wide range of criminal charges. Early in my career, I honed my skills as a criminal trial attorney in front of and alongside many of the prosecutors and judges in Marin County.  This experience gives me the ability to offer unique insight into how they will approach your case. When facing criminal penalties that may dramatically impact your future, every advantage helps. Put my knowledge and experience to work for you.

Experienced Sausalito Criminal Lawyer for Aggressive Defense Against a Wide Range of Charges

Using the knowledge I have gained in well over a decade practicing on both sides of criminal law, I offer aggressive criminal defense representation to clients facing a wide range of charges, including:

  • Assault and Battery: A conviction for a crime involving violence like assault or battery, or the more serious crimes of aggravated assault and felony battery, may limit your ability to rent a home or find a job, and can leave you facing fines and probation or even incarceration. I work hard for my clients to avoid these penalties and have been successful in obtaining charge reductions and dismissals.
  • Burglary / Theft: Burglary and Theft charges are taken very seriously in Marin County.  I work hard investigating my cases and take the time to determine the strengths and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.  By doing so I am in the best position possible to fight for the best result possible in your case.
  • Domestic Violence: I spent three years as a member of the Domestic Violence Unit while a Marin County prosecutor.  I use that experience in my defense of client’s charged withdomestic violence, and to fight against the severe penalties a conviction can bring.  Don’t assume the other person can “drop” the case against you.  Don’t assume everyone will see it was a big misunderstanding.  You need an experienced attorney to defend you against employment issues, jail, anger management classes, and to ensure you can continue to live in your home and see your loved ones.
  • Driving Offenses / Traffic Tickets:  If you have been arrested or ticketed for a driving related offense your license is in jeopardy from the DMV, your wallet is in jeopardy from your insurance company and your freedom may be in jeopardy from the justice system,.  I understand the serious impact a conviction for a driving offense can have on you and your ability to drive. By quickly and aggressively investigating our case I maximize the chances of obtaining the best result possible for you.
  • Drug Offenses: A conviction related to drug possession or sales can result in substantial fines, incarceration and other significant consequences. I take protecting the rights of my clients very seriously and fight hard to obtain the best result possible and in many cases am successful in avoiding a conviction through alternative sentencing options.
  • DUI: My representation of people needing DUI defense is designed to fight both the criminal aspects of the charge of Driving Under the Influence, as well as the DMV hearing issues relating to DUI arrests.  I understand the technical nature of DUI charges and use that knowledge and my experience to fight for my clients while guiding you through the system.
  • DMV Hearings: Many people are unaware that their arrest for DUI will result in a suspension of their driver’s license.  The importance of requesting a DMV hearing cannot be overstated. By taking a proactive approach to representing my clients at DMV hearings, it helps me secure the best results possible in the criminal case.
  • Juvenile Crimes: I represent juveniles facing many different crimes including assault and battery, burglary, drug charges and theft crimes.  My goal is to protect their bright futures from the damage a conviction can cause while getting them the help they may need to become the best adults they can be.
  • Violations of Probation: A violation of probation is a very serious matter.  If you have violated your probation or think that you may have, it is best to immediately contact a local Marin attorney with probation violation experience.    Having an experienced attorney like myself on your side fighting to protect you can make the difference between being reinstated on probation and spending time incarcerated.

Other Aspects of Criminal Law in Marin County

The experience and knowledge I gained as a prosecutor and defense attorney in Marin County makes me uniquely qualified to fight for the best results possible for my clients in the following areas:

  • Pre-Charge Intervention: If you are being investigated by the police or were just arrested, your window of opportunity to have an attorney intervene on your behalf is closing as you read this. Once a police report reaches the District Attorney’s Office, they conduct an analysis to determine if the report provides sufficient evidence to charge you with a crime. Absent intervention on your behalf by an attorney, the only set of facts considered are those provided by the police; which commonly present a one-sided version very negative to you. I will be your voice, providing uncollected evidence to the District Attorney and telling your side of the story … the side the police officers who investigated or arrested you may not have seemed interested in hearing.
  • Out of Town Visitors: An out of town visitor, or tourist, who is arrested and charged with a criminal offense in Marin County faces many stressful issues.  I work hard to secure bail so my clients can return home, and in many cases I can appear in court without you so you can avoid the additional expense and inconvenience of returning.
  • Warrants and Recall of Warrants: Warrants are typically issued when the District Attorney files charges against you for crimes you were not previously arrested for or when you have failed to appear in court.  I know the system and will work hard to try and get the warrant recalled by the judge and have you released on your own recognizance.
  • Bail Motions / Reductions: The right to reasonable bail is protected by the California Constitution and the California Penal Code. However, a bail hearing is sometimes necessary in order to ensure the proper bail amount is set. I will gather the necessary information and witnesses to maximize the likelihood of getting bail set, reduced, or in some circumstances a release on your own recognizance.
  • Restraining and Protective Orders:  Restraining and protective orders are court orders prohibiting somebody from having any contact (or having violent contact) with another person, or from visiting a certain location.  They are typically issued in domestic violence cases.  My familiarity with the judicial system in Marin County allows me to aggressively and efficiently represent my clients in dealing with restraining and protective orders.  Oftentimes quick action can limit the prohibitions contained in the orders or prevent them from being entered altogether.
  • Clearing Criminal Records: We have all made mistakes.  Thankfully, the State of California provides several ways to hide those mistakes and keep them from severely impacting our personal and professional life.  As your attorney, I will guide you through this complex system of petitioning the court to seal, destroy or dismiss an arrest record or criminal conviction to protect your reputation.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal law issues it is important to consult an experienced local Marin County criminal defense attorney immediately.  Call me at 415-578-7374 or e-mail me todayfor a free initial consultation.