Bail Motions / Reductions

Marin County Bail Motion and Reduction Lawyer

Let a San Rafael Criminal Defense Attorney Help You Get Bail Set or Reduced

Few things can leave you feeling as helpless as having a friend or loved one sitting in jail. The right to reasonable bail is protected by the California Constitution and the California Penal Code. However, a bail hearing is sometimes necessary in order to ensure the proper bail amount is set.

As a former District Attorney, I, Ryan Albaugh, know the system and what the judges and prosecutors will be considering during a bail review hearing.  I will gather the necessary information and witnesses to maximize the likelihood of getting bail set, reduced, or in some circumstances a release on own recognizance.  The importance of quickly hiring a criminal defense attorney cannot be overstated.

If you or a loved one needs help with getting bail set or reduced, call me at 415-578-7374 or e-mail me today for a free initial consultation with an experienced Marin County bail motion and reduction lawyer.