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Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer for Greenbrae, San Rafael & Marin County

If you have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI), you likely have many questions about what will happen next and the possible consequences if you are convicted. Depending upon your criminal history and the specific facts of your case, the District Attorney may file misdemeanor or felony charges against you.

With experience both as a defense attorney and as a former Marin County Deputy District Attorney, I, Ryan Albaugh, have the experience and specific knowledge of the system needed to defend you.  I take protecting your rights seriously and employ a comprehensive and aggressive approach to defending you against DUI charges.

Experienced Marin DUI Attorney: Taking Our Defense on the Offensive

Rather than sit back and allow the prosecutor to build their case against you, as your attorney I take the offensive with our case. I immediately start a thorough investigation into the facts and circumstances of your arrest. By obtaining copies of the documentary evidence, (such as the Traffic Citation(s), Charging Affidavit, DUI Investigation Report, Traffic Crash Report, Breath/Blood Alcohol Test Affidavit, Breath Test Operator Report, Intoxilyzer Inspection Report(s), Consent Form, Blood Collector’s Report, Evidence/Property Receipt, and Witness Affidavit(s), to name a few) I can review the conduct of law enforcement and discuss with you those facts that may be missing, inaccurate, or falsely recorded in the reports. During my investigation I pay special attention to facts and circumstances that include:

  • Illegal traffic stops.
  • Investigations conducted without probable cause.
  • Improper administration of field sobriety tests.
  • Malfunctions in equipment used to test breath and blood alcohol levels (BAC).
  • Failure to give Miranda warnings.
  • Violations of any constitutional rights.

By quickly and aggressively investigating our case I maximize the chances of obtaining the best result possible for you.

Penalties for a DUI Conviction can be Severe

The penalties for a DUI conviction can vary substantially depending on if you have prior DUI convictions and whether or not there are any aggravating factors such as injury to another person, refusal to submit to testing or a high breath/blood alcohol level (≥ .15).  The most common penalties are probation, fines, DUI classes, driver license suspensions and jail or prison.  Obviously, incarceration and the loss of your ability to drive can have a severe impact on your employment. Don’t risk your future by taking on the justice system alone.  Put my experience to work for you.

Consult with a Knowledgeable Marin DUI Defense Attorney

DUI cases are factually and scientifically complex, and can lead to severe real life hardships for people arrested and convicted. Having handled hundreds of DUI cases as a prosecutor and defense attorney, I have the knowledge and experience to defend your rights and guide you through the system.

If you or a loved one is facing DUI charges, call an experienced Greenbrae drunk driving defense lawyer at 415-578-7374 or e-mail me today for a free initial consultation.