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We have all made mistakes.  Thankfully, the State of California provides several ways to hide those mistakes and keep them from severely impacting our personal and professional life.  As your attorney, I, Ryan Albaugh, will guide you through this complex system of petitioning the court to seal, destroy or dismiss an arrest record or criminal conviction.

Arrested but Not Convicted

People who were arrested, but not convicted of a crime, qualify to petition the court to seal and destroy their arrest record.  I help clients do this by asking the court to declare you factually innocent, allowing your record to be sealed and destroyed. The end result is your ability to truthfully tell potential employers, schools, licensing boards and others that you have never been arrested.

Misdemeanor or Felony Conviction but No Prison Time

People who were convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, but never served time in state prison, may seek a dismissal of their conviction.  The end result is your ability to state you have never been convicted of a crime.  Certain convictions do not qualify and probation completion and other requirements must also be met.  Contact me today to discuss your specific circumstances.

Prison Time or Sex Crime Convictions

People who were convicted of certain sex crimes or did serve time in prison may qualify for a certificate of rehabilitation. The certificate is taken into consideration by state licensing boards and eliminates certain sex offenders from having to register when they move.  The certificate also becomes a petition for a pardon from the governor.  Certain requirements must be met prior to seeking a certificate.  Contact me today to discuss your specific circumstances.

Sealing Juvenile Records

California law gives most people the right to seal their juvenile records.  The benefit of sealing your juvenile records is that it requires that all juvenile records held by any police department, juvenile court, district attorney, and the probation department are closed and destroyed. It is like those incidents never happened and the related documents never existed.  You can also answer “no” to arrest and conviction questions when applying for school or employment.  Contact me today to discuss your circumstances and to determine if sealing your juvenile record would benefit you.

Sausalito Criminal Defense Lawyer with Experience in this Technical Area of Law

Helping client’s protect their reputation is a priority for me.  If your criminal record is holding you back you owe it to your future to consider your options.

If hiding your past is important to you, call me at 415-578-7374 or e-mail me today for a free initial consultation with an experienced Marin County expungement attorney.