Pre-Charge Intervention

Marin Pre-Charge Representation Attorney – Don’t Delay

Defense Lawyer Offering Pre-Trial Intervention for Mill Valley, San Rafael & all CA

If you are being investigated by the police or were just arrested, your window of opportunity to have an attorney intervene on your behalf is closing as you read this.  Experience proves that early intervention by a defense attorney makes it easier to persuade the District Attorney to file less serious charges or keep them from filing any charges at all.  Waiting until after a filing decision is made, without defense input, can make it much harder to obtain reductions and dismissals.

Once a police report reaches the District Attorney’s Office, they conduct an analysis to determine if the report provides sufficient evidence to charge you with a crime. Absent intervention on your behalf by an attorney, the only set of facts considered are those provided by the police; which may present a one-sided version very negative to you. All too often people wait to see what the District Attorney will do, hoping that somehow their version of events will magically appear in the police report. This is a bad idea.  More times than not, a one-sided report leads to the filing of the charges you were investigated or arrested for.

Marin Pre-Charge Representation Attorney: Presenting Your Side of the Story

As a former Marin County prosecutor who is now working as a defense attorney, I, Ryan Albaugh, am well aware of this crucial time in your case. As my client, I will investigate our case and meet with you to determine which facts that do not appear in the police report could lead to the filing of less serious charges or none at all. I will then be your voice, providing favorable evidence to the District Attorney and telling your side of the story; the side the police officers who investigated or arrested you did not report.

An investigation or arrest does not have to automatically lead to charges being filed against you. Having an experienced and aggressive Mill Valley defense lawyer on your side can increase the likelihood of your case being resolved before charges are filed. Using this proactive approach, I have been successful in preventing serious and sometimes embarrassing charges from being filed against many of my clients.

With only a short amount of time to prevent a charge from being filed, it is important that you contact me for experienced pre-charge representation without delay at 415-578-7374 or e-mail me today for a free initial consultation.