Violation of Probation

CA Probation Violation Attorney for Marin County

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A violation of probation is a very serious matter.  If you have violated your probation or think that you may have, it is best to immediately contact and experienced local Marin probation violation attorney.  Whether the alleged probation violation(s) involve a new crime or a technical violation (such as a dirty drug test, or failure to pay fees, do community service, or report to the probation officer), as your attorney, I, Ryan Albaugh, will conduct a thorough investigation to determine if the allegations against you can be proven in court. The nature of the violation(s), the strength of the evidence against you and the number of previous violations will determine the ultimate outcome of our case. Having an experienced CA probation violation attorney on your side aggressively fighting to protect you can keep you at home with your family rather than sitting in jail.

Penalties for Probation Violation can be Severe

As a former Marin County Deputy District Attorney, I have seen firsthand how powerful a probation violation can be against someone.  Just the allegation of a probation violation can send you back to jail.  The consequences of a probation violation may include a revocation of probation and imposition of jail or prison time, an extension of the probationary period, reinstatement of probation with additional terms, community service, treatment programs and other sanctions.  The risk it to great to take on a probation violation alone.  I understand the system and will fight hard to protect you against a probation violation.

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